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Funding options


Self-management means you’re in charge of managing your plan and its funds. 

has the most flexibility out of all three fund management options, but it also comes with the most workload and responsibility. Not only can you access both registered and unregistered providers, you’re also able to pay providers more or less than NDIS Price limits.

Plan Management

Plan management puts the management of your NDIS funding in the hands of an independent experts called plan manager (like Plan Partners).  

Your plan manager takes care of the admin that comes with your NDIS plan, like ensuring your service providers are paid and keeping all your invoices on file.

NDIS Management

This option puts the National Disability Insurance Agency in charge of your NDIS funding.  The NDIA handles the financial administration of your plan, paying service providers and managing your invoices. However, unlike plan management, you can only access providers that are registered with the NDIS, which may limit your support options.

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